When artist and designer Julio Garcia created his own home and studio in Savannah, Georgia, he connected a fine line between two opposite worlds: organic and industrial. Working with two 40′ shipping containers, natural materials and the lush foliage of his lot, Julio succeeded in joining disparate elements into a unified whole.

The two 40′ shipping containers were placed about 6′ apart on a foundation system of steel I-beams resting on concrete piers. The 6′ gap was filled with a wood-framed floor and shed roof. Natural wood delineates the gap between the containers as well as the new window openings cut into them. An elevated terrace made of local wood invites us to enter through a glass sliding door positioned between two parallel blue steel containers.

Contrasting with the exterior, Garcia gave the inside a clean contemporary look. The container sidewalls were then cut away to create a large open living area. There is only one bedroom, at the end of one of the containers.

The kitchen is subtly set off from the rest of the open living area by the use of wood flooring instead of what appears to be black-tinted concrete. The black floor and countertops set off the white walls.

Garcia left the blue facade of the two containers in their original battered state as a reminder of their industrial past and left the original container loading doors functional, which can be opened to the decks at either end of the small house.

Architects: Julio Garcia – Price Street Projects
Photography: Tessa Blumenberg

Source: Small House Bliss

  1. Rishia Reply

    Best container designed home I have seen. Why? It is realistic, doable with mostly salvage and green materials off grid. More room than even I would need. I would have to modify the roof design a tad for snow load and water collection ..yet as is, where it is, PERFECTO.
    Living in the south, and having lived outside Atlanta, have been to this area often…. what I really want to know about is how the owner/builder got approval permit wise, so impossible everywhere for these alternative homes. Truly, I will MOVE if such alternative housing is permitted legally, as it should be.

  2. Leopoldo Reply

    And the insulation, cold and hot weather????????

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